Linux Server Administration Training

Hands-on Classroom Workshop


Suitable for all

Training Overview

The Linux Server Administration course is designed to provide participants with comprehensive knowledge and hands-on experience in managing Linux servers. The training covers essential concepts, commands, and tools necessary for effective server administration. Participants will gain practical skills in configuring, securing, and optimizing Linux servers for various applications.

Training Outcomes

The primary objective of the Linux Server Administration training is to equip participants with the fundamental skills required to proficiently administer Linux servers. At the end of this Linux Server Administration Training, participants will be able to:

Who Should Attend Linux Server Administration Training?

System Administrators

IT Professionals

Network Administrators

DevOps Engineers

Those seeking to enhance their Linux server administration skills

What You Will Get?

Hands-on Learning, Taught by Expert

High-quality classrooms that utilize hands-on learning training, intentional spaces, provided with computer and WiFi.

Personalised Mentorship

Get a knowledgeable mentor who guides your learning and is focused on answering your questions, motivating you and keeping you on track.

Continue to Learn with Online Learning

1 Year Access to LMS with step by step videos & guidebook exclusively produced by MU DOT MY PLT.

After Training Support

Get 6 months free email support after your training. Email to our trainer anytime.

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Certificate of Completion Provided

Participants will receive a Certificate of Completion on the last day of training.

Follow Up Training

Every participant entitles for 1 free follow up training. Follow up training will be scheduled in the future. This will help you to catch up your learning.

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In-Person/Virtual Training

Clients can attend the in-person training at our computer lab or join the virtual training. Pay per person.

In-House Training​

Conduct this training at your office anytime, anywhere. Maximum attendance of 25 pax. Just pay per day!

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MOF No: 357-02240271

What is Public Training?

Clients can attend the training at our computer lab based on the given date. Pay per person.

Date: Refer to our training calendar

Venue: Computer Lab, MU DOT MY PLT (nearby KLCC)

Syllabus: Predefined course contents

What is In-House Training?

Conduct the training at your office anytime, anywhere. Just pay per day!

  • Up to 25 participants only

  • Training date can be chosen by your company

  • Training content can be personalized

Apa itu Kursus Public?

Peserta boleh menghadiri kursus di makmal komputer kami berdasarkan tarikh yang ditetapkan. Bayar mengikut bilangan peserta.

Tarikh: Lihat kalendar kursus kami

Lokasi: Makmal Komputer, MU DOT MY PLT (Subang Jaya)

Sukatan Pelajaran: Kandungan kursus yang telah ditetapkan

Apa itu Kursus In-House?

Anjurkan kursus ini di pejabat anda pada bila-bila masa. Hanya bayar mengikut bilangan hari!

  • Bilangan peserta had 25 orang sahaja

  • Tarikh kursus boleh dipilih oleh syarikat anda

  • Kandungan kursus boleh diubahsuai