Giving Back

Corporate Social Responsibility - Giving Back To The Community

Making charitable donations isn't simply a feel-good thing. If you do it right, those donations can drive changes in your community and within your organization.

These are the list of events we have supported.

Exabytes eCommerce Conference – Silver Sponsor
WordPress Meetup KL – Venue Sponsor
WordCamp KL 2019 – Silver Sponsor
Jom Latih Seminar 2019 – Sponsor
Jom Launch Event 2019 – Sponsor
ConFIG Malaysia 2019 – Sponsor
HRDF Conference 2019 – Sponsor

WordCamp KL 2018 – Bronze Sponsor
MCAIT 2018 – OSS Micro Sponsor
Internet Marketing Summit 2018 – Sponsor

JoomlaDay KL – Main Sponsor
WordCamp KL 2017 – Silver Sponsor
WordPress Meetups – Venue Sponsor

JoomlaDay KL – Gold Sponsor
WordPress Meetups – Venue Sponsor
JomLaunch 4.0 – Sponsor

JoomlaDay KL – Gold Sponsor

Our key members also actively contributes back to open source projects as follows;

WordPress CMS

Joomla! Project

Moodle LMS


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