About Us

We provide you with high-quality professional training that gives you effective EXPERIENCES and KNOWLEDGE

MU DOT MY PLT (Multimedia and Open Source Academy) is a registered company in Malaysia since 2008. We offer high-quality practical training to government agencies, corporate clients, private sectors, individuals and also international clients (Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Brunei, Singapore).

We provide a comfortable learning space to ensure effective delivery, quality and easy interaction with the instructor so that you receive learning experiences that are fun and satisfying.

“Learn While Making” is our main training concept which helps the participants to comprehend and memorize the knowledge more effectively so that the new skills can be more applicable at the workplace.

Our Core Values

Our core values serve as a compass for our actions and corporate behaviour.

Customer First





Our Mission

Our roadmap starts with our mission, which is enduring. It declares our purpose as a company and serves as the standard which we weigh our actions and decisions.

  • To empower clients with the knowledge that shapes and directs their business pathways
  • To empower businesses with System and Development services that meet their needs
  • To provide quality services that meet regulatory standards and improve the standard of services
  • To ensure flexibility by delivering varying packages that meet the dynamic needs of clients
  • Creating a learning environment that provides an innovative and exciting learning experience for all learners and staffs

Our Vision

  • To be the preferred and most trusted client -focused training provider; thus providing training and development that meets each company’s goals and aspirations.

You'll be in Good Company

MU DOT MY PLT is officially registered with:

  • SSM : LLP0002073-LGN
  • MOF : 357-02240271
  • HRDF : LLP0002073LGN
  • SST : B16-1907-32000013

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