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Long-term Course

Hybrid Mobile Application Developer Training

Learn to build with intuitive UI components that accelerate app development, and can be deployed virtually anywhere.

Long-term Course

Hands-on Classroom Workshop



Training Overview

Ionic Mobile Application Training enables you to develop  a hybrid  mobile application and launch it to multiple platforms such as iOS, Android or Windows. This training is suitable for absolute beginners with no prior mobile application development experience. In this step by step training, you will learn how to develop the User Interface, Pages, Functions and APIs’ of the mobile application to connect with the Database.

mobile application training

The annual salary of a mobile application developer is estimated at RM107,000

Jumpstart to learn the fundamental of Mobile App Development with Hybrid applications. Hybrid applications allow you to export one single app to multiple platforms such as iOS and Android. You don’t need to learn Java or Swift Programming. Just use HTML5 to create powerful hybrid apps.

Being an Ionic Developer & Programmers certainly the highest-earning occupation worldwide!

Personalized brand app to design

Achievement on career portfolio

Ionic Training Features

Great advantages to gain through doing and mentor by industry leader.

More than 50 Source Code & Working Examples

Including login, firebase, MySQL and many others (updated monthly)
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Free Pro API

Powerful dynamic CRUD API for your mobile app
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Rich library of front-end building blocks

UI components that make it easy to design beautiful, high-performance mobile
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mobile application training


Ionic is using AngularJS MVC architecture for building rich single page applications optimized for mobile devices.

Ionic CLI

This is NodeJS utility powered with commands for starting, building, running and emulating Ionic applications.

Ionic View

Very useful platform for uploading, sharing and testing your application on native devices.

mobile application training

Ionic Framework 5

Learn the fastest, smallest, and most extensible version of Ionic Framework to build your mobile app.

Course Schedule

Week 1

Basic Coding HTML5, CSS3, Basic Coding Page Structures & Styling - Assignment 1: HTML Website

Week 2

Ionic Installation & Technology Introduction, Creating UI, Buttons, Cards, Segments, Contents

Week 3

Creating Pages, SubPages, Functions - Assignment 2: Building a Business App

Week 4


Week 5

Working with API - Creating a Form to MySQL, Working with API - Retrieve News from MySQL

Week 6

Working with Firebase Login - Assignment 3: Building a Database App with Facebook Login Support

Week 7

Working with Firebase Storage & Camera

Week 8

QR Code generation & Scanning - - Assignment 4: Building a Field Report app with Photo taking

Week 9

Push Notifications, Location Sensors

Week 10

Miscellaneous Learning

Week 11

Auth Guard & App Security

Week 12

Compiling the Apps & Publishing- Assignment 5: Submit your first App

Our Hybrid Mobile Application Training Includes

Hands-on learning, taught by expert

High-quality classrooms that utilize hands-on learning training, intentional spaces, provided with computer and WiFi.

Online Webinar

Training will be conducted on webinar for certain classes. Webinar is a presentation, lecture, workshop or seminar that is transmitted over the Web using video conferencing software.


With assignments to complete to make sure all students understand and can implement the learning of the day.

Final Project

You will be expected to develop an idea for a project and then carry it out. It pulls together the streams of study, knowledge and practical skills gained in the training.

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Training Details

Student will take 3 months to complete this Hybrid Mobile Application Developer Training.

3 Months Program

RM2,500 /month

Also Available: 5-day Mobile App Training Available (Fundamental-Intermediate)

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HTML, CSS, JS. Not Mandatory but having this skills will expedite your  learning.

If you do not have any coding skills and willing to learn it, you can join our HTML5 & CSS3 training.