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Know basic computer features and file explorer

Training Overview

Microsoft Word is a standard word processing program used on most computers. With Word, you can create documents and complete several other functions related to word processing. This program brings many benefits that you can take advantage of.

This software is used to create, edit, and format written documents at work, at school, and at home. For example, formal letters, resumes, articles and daily reports. Intermediate and advanced knowledge of this software can lead to job opportunities as the use of Microsoft Word is widely used in the workplace.

Importance of Microsoft Word Training

Microsoft Word is very important for any individual whether you are a working professional, student or active pensioner. Skills in Microsoft Word are essential skills that are useful for both complex business needs and basic day-to-day purposes. Microsoft Word is a flexible tool that allows you to do many requirements of your digital document and is also one of the most user-friendly applications.

Almost all windows users have Microsoft Word in their computer system. Microsoft word is used to save documents. Documents can be copied to a flash-drive and allow you to easily use stored documents anywhere.

In addition, Microsoft Word allows users to create different formats according to their needs and interests. In addition to enabling you to create easy-to-use documents for business correspondence, it helps you create and design business cards, brochures, new mail and much more. Additionally, using fonts, shapes, clip art or smart art, charts have their own significance and value.

Enhance your skill in Microsoft Word

What Microsoft Word can do?

Integration with Office Program

Another advantage of using Microsoft Word is that it's easy to integrate with other Microsoft Office programs. For example, you can easily insert other documents into Word documents without having to spend time converting documents.

Correction of spelling and grammatical errors

Word also helps you make sure it's the best. When you have a word error or a grammar error, Word will outline the sentence for you to correct.

Navigation Arrow

Microsoft Word offers an easy-to-use navigation arrow at the top. This allows you to see a visual representation of the many functions you may need.

Document Flexibility

Word lets you create any simple word processing document such as letters and reports and make it as basic or labeled as you want.

Training Outcomes

At the end of this Microsoft Word Training, participants will be able to:

Who Should Attend Microsoft Word Training?

Government and Private Staff



Open to anyone who wants to improve their use of Microsoft Word

What You Will Get?

Hands-on Learning, Taught by Expert

High-quality classrooms that utilize hands-on learning training, intentional spaces, provided with computer and WiFi.

Personalised Mentorship

Get a knowledgeable mentor who guides your learning and is focused on answering your questions, motivating you and keeping you on track.

Continue to Learn with Online Learning

1 Year Access to LMS with step by step videos & guidebook exclusively produced by MU DOT MY PLT.

After Training Support

Get 3 months free email support after your training. Email to our trainer anytime.

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Certificate of Completion Provided

Participants will receive a Certificate of Completion on the last day of training.

Follow Up Training

Every participant entitles for 1 free follow up training. Follow up training will be scheduled in the future. This will help you to catch up your learning.

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Microsoft Word Training Pre-requisite

Understand on how to: run windows, taskbar, start button, help features, minimize, maximize, close windows, navigate between files and folder

What is Public Training?

Clients can attend the training at our computer lab based on the given date. Pay per person.

Date: Refer to our training calendar

Venue: Computer Lab, MU DOT MY PLT (nearby KLCC)

Syllabus: Predefined course contents

What is In-House Training?

Conduct the training at your office anytime, anywhere. Just pay per day!

  • Up to 25 participants only

  • Training date can be chosen by your company

  • Training content can be personalized