Spoken in Moodle Conference

imoot 2017 Moodle Conference

Thu 18 May 20:00 (Australia/Perth)

Using Moodle as Certification Platform

Presenter : Sam Suresh (Malaysia)

This presentation focuses on how to use Moodle as certification platform for exams and maintain a certified user directory similar to Google Exam. It also uses Moodle as a certification platform to run online exams using Safe Exam Browsers and leverage on badges, customize certifications to maintain certified users.

imoot 2015 Moodle Conference

Sat 30 May 12:30 (Australia/Perth)

Newbie guide for Mobile App customization

Presenter : Sam Suresh (Malaysia)

A simple guide to customize branding of Moodle mobile app, compile and distribute to your students.

imoot 2014 Moodle Conference

Thu 15 May 09:30 (UTC +99)

Joomla CMS and Moodle Intergration

Presenter : Sam Suresh (Malaysia)

Learn how to integrate 2 most powerful applications which is Joomla CMS and Moodle LMS to create beautiful feature rich LMS.