Learn AutoCAD


AutoCAD is one of the leading software developed for producing 2D and 3D Computer Aided Designs. AutoCAD is designed to produce an accurate drawing with ease, offering the user flexibility to transform and present drawings instantaneously.

AutoCAD is so well-known among industry professionals since it has been used worldwide in producing plan sheet setup; create, modify, and document electrical controls systems for electrical design; develop floor plans, building permit drawings, building inspection plans and landscaping layouts. AutoCAD Training participants in MU DOT MY PLT mostly among government agencies, corporate clients, private sectors and individuals.

Our trainers maximize their efforts to help the participants in producing various products of 2D and 3D model including transport, accommodation, machine, furniture which used in architecture, electrical, mechanical, plant and map. 

Who can attend AutoCAD training?

AutoCAD Training is important especially to civil designers, engineers, architect for studio visualization and video game developers. It helps civil designers and engineers to design, analyse and solve design issues resulting in accurate designs including rail, roads and highways, land development, airports, drainage, storm and sanitary, and civil structures. This training also welcome anyone who interested to build dynamic design and design your objects. 

What you will learn?

In this training, participants will learn how to visualize their work designs and test them through simulation. Besides, learn about the differences between the different types of available 3D modelling CAD software such as solid modelling, surface modelling and sculpting. Participants also will be exposed on choosing the right tool and use the main components in the interface AutoCAD software to increase productivity.

Our training concept “Learn While Making” helps the participants to comprehend and memorize the knowledge more effectively. In this hands-on classroom training, participants get easy interaction with the instructor which produce satisfying and fun learning experiences.

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Animated SVG Logos

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is an XML-based vector image format for two-dimensional graphics with support for interactivity and animation.

You can find most of the corporate companies using SVG format to display their logo. SVG is scalable, that means you don’t have to worry about image size anymore.

SVG files are relatively small in size. You still can optimize and reduce the file size by using optimizer. One of the good optimizers I use is http://petercollingridge.appspot.com/svg-optimiser.

Click here to preview the animated SVG Logo: https://samsure.sh/svg-animation-using-snap-svg/

Checkout snap SVG: https://github.com/adobe-webplatform/Snap.svg

You can generate SVG files from Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape or other image editors. I used Adobe Illustrator and ‘Save As’ SVG format to convert my logo into SVG format.

– This post is originally created by Sam Suresh

Adobe After Effects Training with Majlis Perbandaran Kulim Kedah (MPKK)

Kursus Adobe After Effects

On 21st November 2016, Majlis Perbandaran Kulim Kedah (MPKK) has sent participants to attend the Adobe After Effects Training, at MU DOT MY PLT Training Centre. The training was held for 3 days and conducted by our professional instructor.

The objectives of this Adobe After Effects training are:-

    1. participants can understand the types of motion tracking, including stabilizing a shaky shot, performing a sign replacement and motion tracking video to incorporate motion graphics seamlessly.
    1. participants can learn to turn any layer into 3D as well as create 3D lights and cameras. In addition, they get to take a look at depth of field and a 3D particle system.
  1. participants can understand at After Effects scripting which is called expression. This introductory look is intended to demonstrate what can be achieved with this powerful feature.

On the last day of training, participants from Majlis Perbandaran Kulim Kedah has shown a positive response to the training. This is because the course is very useful to be used within the scope of their careers. On the other hand, the experience of using the green screen effect is very beneficial.