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How to Use Elementor in WordPress

How to Use Elementor in WordPress

An Elementor is a plugin in WordPress used to build a page with drag and drop facility which helps to develop a high-end website for any page, theme, and design. 
Elementor gives a platform to develop an ideal website for newbie users and also helps people by providing a user-friendly environment of elements at the right corner of it.

If you are an Elementor newbie, these steps will help you understand the essentials of successful page-building in WordPress. You will learn about:

How to Install

Go to website and click

In the WordPress dashboard, Click > .

Click   , and choose the file you’ve downloaded for Elementor.


After choosing the file, click

You will be directed to this page and click

That’s it! Now Elementor is in your WordPress!

Quick Reference :

  1. Download Elementor from and click
  2. Open WordPress dashboard and click >
  3. Click      then 
  4. Click  after choosing the file

  5. Then, click         

Creating a Page with Elementor

Open your WordPress administrative dashboard and go to     >   

Insert your title at the segment as shown below

Click the big blue     button then you will be redirected to the Elementor  customization panel. 

Elementor Panels Overview

Elementor Widgets

Elementor comes with a set of widgets organized in by following the categories 

Click the      icon to create a Section, or click the     icon to add template  

Set your Column structure

Right-click to Edit, Duplicate, Copy, Delete etc.


Set the Columns Width. You can do it under Layout, or drag the dashed line between the Columns.

To add more Columns Right Click >  

Drag Widgets from widget panel to insert inside your Columns

Quick Reference :

  1. Go to the dashboard and click on    then    
  2. Add title and click 
  3. Click the  icon to create a Section, or click    the icon to add template
  4. Click    then choose the structure
  5. Right click then choose     to add column

Adding Template

Click the    icon to add template.

Click on any template to preview the template 

Click     to use the required template  

Quick Reference :

  1. Click on  icon to add template
  1. Choose any templates

  2. Click  to use the template

Save & Publish

You can always save updates every time you made changes. Just click on the small arrow and then click      

After you’re done designing your page, Preview & Publish it.  

Click the   icon to preview your page.

If you are satisfied with the result, go ahead and click the   button. 

Quick Reference :

  1. Click  to save you work.

  2. Click the   icon to preview your page.
  3. Click to publish you work.

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