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Powerful eLearning for Tuition Centres

elearning tuition centres

According to data from the Ministry of Education, in 2013 there were 3,107 registered private tutoring centres in Malaysia, with 3.2 per cent of the total number of both primary and secondary students enrolled, involving 11,967 teachers. However, as the number continues to grow, it is important for tuition centres to set themselves apart from their competitors by revolutionising their operations. How? The most relevant way is to make the shift towards eLearning. With a powerful eLearning platform, it will help Tuition Centres to experience an effective learning experience

Below are some of the main reasons why it is high time for tuition centers to embrace digitization by using eLearning platform:

1. Attendance tracking in the eLearning system

By embracing eLearning, tuition centres can offer so much more to their clientele—in this unique situation, both students and parents. This includes ensuring full attendance of the students through an online tracking system. By enabling this feature, tuition centres can brilliantly demonstrate their commitments towards discipline and quality education by encouraging full attendance. Not only will parents be satisfied with the service, but students will also be more motivated to focus on their lessons.

2. Full parental monitoring 

It is natural for parents to put their children’s education as the number one priority. Therefore, it is fully understood that they would want to constantly monitor the latter’s academic performance, especially when they are forking out extra money for supplementary tutoring. With an eLearning platform, a tuition centre will have the freedom to offer a feature for parents that allows them to check on the status of their kids’ progress with just one click of a button.

3. Ease of payment 

As we move towards a cashless society, parents or students will no longer have to make the payment of the tuition fees in the form of cash. By making the shift towards becoming an eLearning Tuition Centre, all monetary transactions can be made online in a safe and secure way through any banks of preference. This will eliminate unnecessary stress on the payer’s side.

4. Comprehensive teaching materials for your Tuition Centres

In a traditional classroom setting, students are typically burdened with some of the conventional elements of studying such as textbooks, notes and even practice papers. They have to spend extra time worrying about which book to bring for which class because failure to do so correctly will result in them staring at the whiteboard with nothing to refer to throughout the entire lesson. By moving towards digitalisation, all teaching materials are accessible anywhere, anytime. All they have to do is log on to the tuition centre’s eLearning platform and voila, everything is there!

5. Interactive teaching methods 

Because everything is now done online, the possibility is endless. Learning no longer have to be a mundane exercise where a teacher is expected to give a lecture and demonstrate some ideas on the whiteboard while the students take notes. Now, there can be games, trivia and even slideshows that can be more engaging and promote higher interest in the lessons. With the power of technology, learning is truly made more fun.

6. 24/7 availability 

It is understood that sometimes, certain occasions take place causing students to miss a session of lessons. Now, parents and students no longer need to worry as every class is recorded and uploaded onto the e-learning platform. This means students get to watch the video on their free time and rewind it as many times as they want in order to bring things up to speed for the upcoming lessons. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

7. Increased competitiveness 

Aside from the many benefits that an eLearning platform could bring to students and parents, opting to go online will also boost a tuition centre’s ranking, making it a popular choice among academics. Once this happens, not only will your tuition centre be known as a pioneer in eLearning, but you will also get a lot more students and parents signing up for your services.

How ModernLMS as eLearning Platform Can Help Tuition Centers

elearning tuition centre

If you are interested to embrace eLearning, ModernLMS provides custom Learning Management System (LMS) for your tuition centres that are tailored specifically to your workflow and needs. Click here to learn more about ModernLMS eLearning for Tuition Centre.

The ownership of this eLearning platform will belong to you 100%, whether on-premise or on-cloud. You are also guaranteed continuous support and freedom of customisation at highly attractive rates. This would be the perfect one-off investment for your company to flourish in the academic sector.

We have also designed our interface to be user-friendly with drag-and-drop features and structured resources, along with ongoing improvements to ensure students can learn easily and effectively.

Exclusively for our clients, ModernLMS is offering free back-end support for two years upon registration. This means we got your back covered so you can focus on giving the best education to the leaders of tomorrow. This offer is only limited to those who sign up before June 30, 2020.

For further information on ModernLMS for Tuition Centre, please visit our website and if you would like to request an on-site demo,  please fill up the form below;

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