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Upcoming Training

Jom Latih Seminar 2019

Jom Latih Seminar acts as one of the platform for Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) to engage with its registered employers in providing them with the latest insights and updates on HRDF, a platform to network and exchange of ideas.

The seminar also serves as a platform to provide business matching opportunities between HRDF’s registered training providers and registered employers through the exhibition booth where training providers can showcase their training programmes to HRDF’s registered employers.

The seminar was launched at Berjaya Times Square Hotel on 22 October 2019 with the theme ‘Accelerating Learning’.

MY HRDF at Jom Latih Seminar 2019                                                                                                                   MY HRDF / Facebook

It was a fruitful experience as Jom Latih Seminar provided exposure to connect and engage with professionals as well as provide feedbacks and recommendation to HRDF. This aims to elevate training passion amongst registered employers and training providers with fresh knowledge updates that busy professionals can learn on the go.

Chief Executive of HRDF, Mr. Elanjelian Venugopal                                                                                     MY HRDF / Facebook

All were warmly welcomed with the opening speech by Chief Executive of PSMB, Mr. Elanjelian Venugopal. He said in line with the launching of the new frameworks, Jom Latih Seminar is being held to ensure employers keep abreast with the latest products and services of HRDF, with participation from a variety of companies. He also noted that “HRDF is targeting to train more than a million local employees this year (2019).”

Contestable Training Market Framework

Launching Ceremony of Contestable Training Market Framework                                                             MY HRDF / Facebook

Moving forward, HRDF officially launch ceremony of Contestable Training Market Framework to ensure continuous improvement of HRDF’s training courses and initiatives through a structured evaluation mechanism that can assist in making learning and development more effective and efficient.

MU DOT MY at Jom Latih Seminar

MU DOT MY PLT team at Jom Latih Seminar
MU DOT MY PLT team at Jom Latih Seminar
MU DOT MY PLT team at Jom Latih Seminar

There were human resources managers shown an immerse interest at our booth on e-Learning especially ModernLMS that improve learning engagements among employees. MU DOT MY PLT joined this event as an exhibitor and intended to attend future events such as these in order to strive for continuous support of collaborative learning and education. 

Our main objective is to create an easy understanding of valuable e-Learning platforms to all companies and learning centres in Malaysia. We are equipped with experienced trainers that transform the business to implement digitalisation and improved practices on e-Learning applications with interactive teaching and learning approaches.

Learn what is ModernLMS and unravel advantages of fully customised custom LMS based on World No. 1 LMS engine.

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