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Joomla! Code Sprint 2017 – Sam Suresh going to London January 19, 2017

Our professional trainer, Mr Sam Suresh has received the invitation from Joomla! to go to London on 19th until 24th January 2017 to attend Joomla! code sprint! in order to develop Joomla! and work with different teams face to face.

The code sprint is a special session in which a group of Joomla! Developers gather at a geographical location and work in developing code for the Joomla! project.

According to Sam, Sam and his team will update its management system and improve the existing system.

MU DOT MY PLT hope that Joomla! Code Sprint 2017 went well and got great success and may be implemented in Malaysia in the future.

Sam Suresh with JoomShaper team in Malaysia JoomlaDay 2016.

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