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Program Bicara Ilmu – Mobile Apps Impact On Cooperatives

Program Bicara Ilmu was held at Maktab Koperasi Malaysia (MKM) on 1st December 2016 started at 8 am. The programme lasted for more than 4 hours.  Estimated participants were about 150 people.  This program is intended for the cooperator to gain more exposure on mobile apps in improving governance and business activities of the cooperative in order to ensure more effective communication in between.

Our trainer MU DOT MY PLT, Mr. Sam Suresh was appointed as one of the speakers at Program Bicara Ilmu. He delivered a speech about “How Mobile Apps impact on the cooperatives”.  His energetic and engaging speech received good response from the participants. Another two topics are “1 Koperasi, 1 Mobile Apps” presented by the cooperative Former Students Izzudin Shah Ipoh, Berhad and “Experience Sharing: Effective Marketing System” presented by Member of Koperasi OKB Berhad.

The main objective of Program Bicara Ilmu was to explain to the participants about the application Mobile Apps. In addition, it provides a platform for the participants to know how Mobile Apps can help towards cooperative management of efficient and flexible.  Participants who attended were members of Anggota Lembaga Koperasi (ALK), members of Jawatankuasa Audit Dalaman (JAD), managers and employees of the cooperative, officials of government agencies involved in the development of cooperatives, cooperative members and interested individuals.

Program Bicara Ilmu has given a good impact on the participants. It is hoped that this program can be held again so that such knowledge can be delivered to more people.

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