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Upcoming Training

Alibaba Technology Program at Hangzhou, China

Sam from MU DOT MY PLT was among the other Malaysian business leaders selected to join Alibaba Technology Program

Alibaba Netpreneur Program was held from 23 March –  03 April 2019 at Alibaba’s headquarters in Hangzhou, China. This 10 days program involving 44 entrepreneurs and business leaders from Malaysia who were selected by Alibaba Business School from 200++ individuals. This program was a joint venture between Alibaba Business School, Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE), and SME Corporation Malaysia (SME Corp. Malaysia). Malaysia is the first Asian country that initiate the Alibaba Netpreneur Training Program. 

Cai NIao, Alibaba's new age logistics using robots in the Warehouse
Eiffini, one of China's top fashion brand company using IoT and technology to improve the manufacturing

Digital Business Operation System

Introducing to Alibaba Business Operation System, the entrepreneurs and business leaders were shown a big picture of digital economy development in China and how the business paradigm shift.

The program continued with bringing the participants to walk through the digital economy and digital infrastructure of Alibaba development.

There are several specialised platforms and infrastructures used by the Chinese multinational conglomerate in empowering the economy to global competitiveness.

Visit to Jack Ma first office
Sam and Alibaba's partner
Sam with one of Alibaba's Partner
Sam at Alibaba Museum
Business Hackathon
Digital City Experience

Inclusive Development

Welcoming the participants with a site visit to rural eCommerce, eCommerce education and local eCommerce ecosystem company, it showed that China eCommerce users keep increasingly occurs in rural and inland regions. In fact, China leads the world to eCommerce and have proven with the world largest eCommerce market. China rural consumers nowadays using their mobile phones to access the internet and make purchases online. 

Site visit to Hangzhou Normal University

Malaysia Towards Digital Economy Development

During the program, there was a session where the entrepreneurs and business leaders shared their ideas in improving their businesses through the Business Hackathon session. Every team brainstormed to come out with the best business ideas.

This was a great opportunity for us at MU DOT MY PLT to learn new technology advancement and futuristic thinking. We are always strive our best to bring the best technology for you. 

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