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Joomla! Super Sprint London 2017

On January 20, 2017, Sam Suresh arrived at Heathrow Airport. The time difference between Malaysia and London is 8 hours and the trip takes 14 hours. According to him, the City of London City is a wonderful city and there are many attractions and historical sites to visit.

Sam Suresh shared his experience visiting some interesting places that are found in London City. In London, there is the hop-on-hop-off service bus (HOHO bus), where the bus will take passengers to see and visit interesting places in London

The temperature in London

HOHO bus route map.

The interesting places that he had visited are Tower of London, Tower Bridge, the Thames River, the Tower ofBig Ben, London Eye, Buckingham Palace, and many more. Sam also managed to share a few photos of the places visited by him

Throughout the Joomla! Super Sprint, they have made great progress in the certification platform. Among them, Michael Snoeren has done a rewrite certification of the user directory with more new features. In addition, LMS engine upgraded to the latest version and URL rewriting is now active. Hosting PHP short account is upgraded to PHP 7 and compatibility tested on both of Joomla! and LMS engine.

Student dashboard for JLPS

Certified directory profiles with social sharing and Profile URLs are SEF friendly.

Live exam status dashboard for supervisors who monitor the exams.

Besides MU DOT MY PLT Trainer, Sam Suresh, Super Sprint has also been accompanied by Michael Snoeren and Chris Keen from Netherlands and a few other members of his team. Assistance given from each team member has a positive impact and achieve the desired objectives successfully

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