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Microsoft Access Advanced Training – Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia

Once again MU DOT MY PLT conducted the Microsoft Access training with the Ministry of Health from Department of Public Health Development. The training was held over two days from 29th November to 30th November 2016 and conducted by our professional instructors. Training was held at the Federal Government Administrative Centre, Putrajaya.

The topics that have been learned by the participants were:

  • to create a form,
  • to create a database using the wizard and manually key-in,
  • to create a form advanced and subform with dependent fills,
  • to create queries,
  • to create reports,
  • to understand the continuation of queries, cut down the queries and calculative of the queries and many more.

Participants from the Ministry of Health has provided excellent cooperation and the provision of comfortable training has an impact on the participants in completing the training successfully.

Let’s take a look at the happy face of participants from the Ministry of Health Malaysia!

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