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Plesk APAC Partner Day – Webhosting Redefined

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PLESK is a private web hosting service with a control panel that enables a server administrator to use a cloud-based interface to set up new pages, reseller accounts, email accounts and DNS entrances. It is the leading WebOps hosting platform for running, automating, and growing apps, websites, and business hosting. As the only agnostic OS platform, Plesk runs on more than 384,000 servers, automating websites with 11M+ and 19M+ mailboxes.

PLESK APAC Partner Day took place at Suntec Convention & Exhibition Center                           Madan Rai / Facebook

MU DOT MY PLT founder Sam Suresh was fortunate enough to be invited to speak at PLESK APAC Partner Day that took plan on October 11th, 2019 in Singapore. There were also some excellent speakers alongside him, including Jan Löffler (CTO of Plesk), Andrey Kugaevsky (Senior Program Manager of Plesk), Markus Galler (Marketing Vice President of Plesk), etc.

Stranger Things on WordPress Hosting

Sam Suresh title during PLESK Partner event
Stranger Things Season 1

The title of Sam Suresh talk was “Stranger Things on WordPress Hosting” referencing to Netflix’s popular series Stranger Things. In which it explains how WordPress contributes nearly half of the Internet.

WordPress currently accounts for around 34% of the Internet and continues to grow on a daily basis. It raises the question of how many websites there are in the world? Fortunately we have the answers for you, a grand number of 1,518,207,412 websites and there are at least 182,185,876 active pages. WordPress currently powers 54,655,762 web pages that are active on the Internet.


Apple Special Event 2019 presentation displayed with minimal and understandable words

Furthermore, Sam explains how words can mean so much in successfully selling your brand and products. One example is using technology terms that an average person wouldn’t have known. A great company taking advantage of this is Apple, instead of making a long list of their phone’s specifications, Apple would rather say their latest iPhone 11 Pro will last 4 hours longer than their previous iPhone Xs because it’s easy to interpret.

PLESK Partner Day has been a fantastic experience and we are looking forward to their next event. We have gained and learned a lot from this experience like understanding the new PLESK & WordPress updates, It is a benefit and we prefer to incorporate it in our upcoming training courses.

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