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WordCamp Europe 2019 in Berlin

featured image wceu 2019

WordCamp Europe breaking the record as the world largest WordPress conference. WordCamp Europe was held in Berlin, Germany from 20 to 22 June 2019 which gathered the WordPress users from 97 countries around the world.

attendees wceu 2019 berlin
Attendees of WordCamp Europe 2019

Many sponsors and contributors helped this event run smoothly. According to the statistics, WordCamp Europe 2019 attracted more that 1.5 thousand first-timers and a total of 210 sponsors to joined this annual event. 

 A total of 3260 tickets sold just within a few weeks while there were more people still looking for the tickets. Thus they had to seek for #WCEUTickets across social media channels if anyone want to sell the tickets.

There were 2734 attendees crowded the Estrel Hotel and Congress Center. Luckily, friendly folks from the WCEU volunteers, wearing bright pink t-shirts, to guide the attendees from the day WCEU started till end. For any lost and found, accessibility, questions and directions can checked in at the Info Desk for clarification on anything.

Day 1: Contributor Day

Different balloon colour at each table symbolise the difference WordPress teams

WordCamp Europe 2019 kicks off with Contributor Day on 20th June 2019 at Estrel Hotel, Berlin. More than 500 contributors, led by 37 experienced contributors and supported by our organising and volunteer team. 169 new contributors participated this year.

At this one-day event attendees will be able to contribute to WordPress, collaborate with new and existing contributors, and learn about the different ways to get involved in the project. 

WordCamp Europe 2019 discover 25 WordPress teams for anyone who wants to get involved with WordPress which including Accessibility Team, Community Team, PHP Team, JavaScript Team, Design Team, Hosting Team, Marketing Team, Mobile Team, Support Team, Training Team and many others. They got to meet the team and use their skills to improve WordPress besides work on a practical task given. This Contributor Day attracted many people from many background to share their WordPress knowledge and experiences with their team. 

Day 2: Conference Day

The Conference Day schedule comprised of 39 conference topics delivered by the WordPress expert speakers including the Founder of WordPress, SEO specialists, open-source fanatics, bloggers, core developer, business owner and CEOs. Apart from that, there were 15 workshops were conducted during the Conference Day.  

Sam on stage at WordCamp Europe 2019
Our lead trainer Sam Suresh, contributing on stage
WordCamp Europe 2019 Global Lead, Milan Ivanovic
conference track 3 wceu 2019
Another conference track at WCEU 2019
wceu 2019 workshop
Workshop attendees at WCEU 2019

Two conferencing days were split into categories; content, development, design, business and community which were hosted at the same venue. Attendees had to choose the related talks according to their focus. Thousands of attendees paid attention to every speaker and note down everything that help in their WordPress journey. 

WordPress Founder: Matt Mullenweg

The WordPress Founder, Matt Mullenweg showed up at WordCamp Europe in Berlin giving update on the progress of the block editor. He attributed much of its continued success to the availability of the Gutenberg plugin, which allows for quick iteration and testing. More than 150,000 posts are published per day using the block editor, which Mullenweg said is “a testament to the long development period” that gave the team an opportunity to work out bugs and make it usable for a large number of people.

See more on what Matt Mullenweg talked about..

Day 3: Conference Day & After Party

In celebration of WordCamp Europe, the Conference Day was concluded with After Party. Clients and members of WordPress community, WordPress engine team socialized with “Back to the 80s” theme. WordCamp Europe 2019 suggested several costume rental and second hand shops for the attendees to bring the 80s vibe with their hairstyle, outfit and accessories. 

“Back to the 80s” theme bring back to moments in history where WordPress Co-Founder, Mike Little wrote his first open source code; WordPress Founder, Matt Mullenweg was born in 1984 and many WordCamp Europe organisers were born in the 80s also, including Global Lead Milan Ivanovic and Local Lead Bernhard Kau!

All the WordPresser socialized and getting to know each other during the after party where this opportunity provide the attendees to casually meet and greet, out of formal and professional zone. 

We hope to see more Malaysian WordPress users in upcoming WordCamp and WordPress Meetup, locally and internationally. If you are about to start using WordPress, we welcome you to join our WordPress Web Design Training. Our lead trainer has been attended to many WordPress event locally and internationally, as sponsor and also speaker. 

Feel the atmosphere: WCEU 2019

Next WCEU in Porto!

WordCamp Europe has a new home! For its eighth edition, WCEU will take place in Porto, Portugal on 4-6 June 2020. The entire event, including Contributor Day, two Main Conference Days and the After Party, will take place in the same state-of-the-art venue. Click for details. 

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