Recap of WordPress 20th Anniversary Meet-up

On May 27, 2023, we joyfully celebrated the 20th anniversary of WordPress at MU DOT MY, Kuala Lumpur. We were happy to have 42 attendees join us in marking this significant milestone.

wordpress 20th anniversary meetup

The venue was adorned with WordPress-themed decorations, and a 40cm x 40cm fruit cake was displayed with the iconic Wapuu picture on top.

wordpress 20th anniversary wapuu cake

Besides, the founder of WordPress Malaysia, Mr. Sam Suresh shared about the history of WordPress and its remarkable growth within the Malaysian community. Attendees also had the opportunity to share their own personal stories and experiences with WordPress, fostering a strong sense of community and connection.

To add to the excitement, we organised a trivia quiz with exclusive prizes for the winners. This engaging activity tested participants’ knowledge of WordPress. Following the quiz, food and beverages were provided, allowing guests to enjoy delicious pizza and donuts while getting to know each other better.

mu dot my wp20 celebration

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to MU DOT MY for sponsoring the venue, as well as ORENCloud Sdn Bhd, NoFrillsCloud, and Mr. Liew Cheon Fong for their invaluable support, which contributed to the success of the WordPress 20th Anniversary meetup.

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HILTI Microsoft Excel Advanced Training

On 19th April 2023, MU DOT MY conducted a Microsoft Excel Advanced Training for HILTI Malaysia. HILTI is a European company that specialises in the design and manufacture of cutting-edge technologies, software, and services for the professional construction industry.

The training was attended by 23 employees from HILTI Malaysia. During the training, the participants gained essential knowledge to unlock the full potential of Excel, explored advanced data analysis, and learned about advanced functions and pivot tables.

Our Excel Advanced course is divided into four units. Unit 1 covers advanced data entry, data tables; Unit 2 covers advanced conditional formatting and charts; Unit 3 covers lookups, while Unit 4 covers pivot tables and data relationships.

on hand practice.

Mastering Excel Advanced can help individuals and organisations improve their daily tasks’ efficiency in a simple and short-term way. At MU DOT MY, we appreciate HILTI’s commitment to global teamwork, and we are grateful for the opportunity to contribute to their growth.

excel training

If you are interested in improving your company’s efficiency, feel free to contact us to schedule your in-house Excel training!

International E-Learning Conference 2019 (IUCEL)

It was a serendipitous experience as IUCEL provided significant exposure on e-Learning training to be conducted between universities and schools in various districts. This encouraged e-Learning education to become a major emphasis in the current national policy of education. Besides that, e-Learning applications are conveniently accessible at all levels of learning institutions.

Vice-Chancellor of UNIMAS, YBhg Prof Datuk Dr Mohamad Kadim Sauidi
Deputy General Ministry of Higher Education at IUCEL 2019

There were a variety of participants from tertiary learning institutions and schools showed tremendous support in this event. All were warmly welcomed with the opening speech by Vice-Chancellor of UNIMAS, YBhg Prof Datuk Dr Mohamad Kadim Sauidi.

Higher Education Ministry

At the closing ceremony speech was officiated by Deputy Director General of Higher Education, YBhg Prof Dr Mohd Cairul Iqbal Bin Mohd Amin. After that, a traditional dance entertainment known as Zapin performed exclusively to attract the crowd.

MU DOT MY PLT was thrilled to participate in International University Carnival on E-Learning (IUCEL) at the campus of Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) from 21 to 22 August 2019 with the theme “Inspiring Innovations for Sustainable Futures”.

Deputy Director General of Higher Education, YBhg Prof Dr Mohd Cairul Iqbal Bin Mohd Amin
Traditional dance entertainment known as Zapin


Our booth at IUCEL 2019
Our booth at IUCEL 2019
Our booth at IUCEL 2019

YBhg Tan Sri Datuk Seri Panglima Sulong Matjeraie shown an immerse interest at our booth on e-Learning especially ModernLMS that improve learning engagements among undergraduates and students.

Our main objective is to create an easy understanding of valuable e-Learning platforms to all universities and learning centres in Malaysia. We are equipped with experienced trainers that transform the business to implement digitalisation and improved practices on e-Learning applications with interactive teaching and learning approaches.

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Digital Learning Platform for Maxis eKelas

(From left) Gokhan Ogut (Maxis CEO), Al- Ishsal Ishak (MCMC Chairman) and Raja Tan Seri Arshad (Maxis Chairman) visited eKelas showcase

Maxis eKelas Student Grant Award Ceremony “Anugerah Gemilang” was officiated by Encik Al-Ishsal Ishak, Chairman of the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) at Menara Maxis on 27 March 2019. eKelas education programme was made possible by Maxis’ partnership with MCMC, with over 9,000 students connecting through the programme.

What is Anugerah Gemilang?

Anugerah Gemilang is a student grant scheme launched in August 2017 under Maxis eKelas. It is designed to recognise the eKelas students who have shown the most progress in their studies. All Maxis eKelas students who have been participating in the eKelas programme at Pusat Internet under Maxis’ care are eligible to apply for the Anugerah Gemilang eKelas Student Grant. Eligible students can apply online and submit their final school exam results for the previous and current year, which are then evaluated by Maxis. The first application for the student grant was opened to students in November 2017, with the first award ceremony held in March 2018.

Congratulations to the Anugerah Gemilang recipients. Photo credit to Digital News Asia

At this second installation of the Anugerah Gemilang eKelas ceremony, 25 eKelas students were awarded for their academic achievements. Four students were presented with a cash contribution of RM1,200 and a school starter pack each, while 21 received RM600 and a school starter pack each. 

The criteria to win Anugerah Gemilang eKelas awards is students have to show the most progressed in their studies by achieving a minimum of one grade improvement in any 2 or all 3 of the subjects taught in the eKelas programme: English, Science and Mathematics, based on their mid-year exam results as the base assessment and final year exam results or PT3 results for Form 3 where improvement was recorded.

Al-Ishsal Ishak great to see the portal bring students from different states into a single platform to discuss their studies and projects together

What is Maxis eKelas?

Maxis eKelas aims to unlock the potential and improve the academic performance of students in rural communities in form of after-school digital learning initiative which brings learning enrichment in a fun and vibrant way and provide access to quality education content, in line with the Malaysian School Syllabus.

eKelas Portal comes in 4 features, shown through “Kalau Nak Tahu, eKelaslah!” showcase:

  1. Live Tuition
  2. eKelas Portal
  3. eCikgu
  4. Activity Based Learning

Maxis eKelas students starts from Primary 6 up to Form 5, were exposed to experiential learning with competitions and group projects also motivational sessions by Maxis’ own young and brightest talents.

eKelas Portal helps the students to new ways of learning connecting the students to experienced teachers via:

  • Live tutorial sessions
  • Group projects
  • Videos
  • Competitions

Besides, eKelas Portal also helps to build the confidence among students with fun and engaging activities such as motivational talks and holiday camps.

(From left) Gokhan Ogut, and Al-Ishal Ishak looking at digital learning platform developed by MU DOT MY PLT

We were awarded to join the special occasion as a rewarding journey in effort of bringing the digital learning closer to the community. MU DOT MY PLT started to involve with Maxis eKelas in late 2016 by improving the technologies of eKelas Portal development, live streaming and consultation.

eKelas Learning Portal launched by MCMC Chairman and Maxis Chairman

eKelas Portal is one of the Corporate Service Responsibility programme run by Maxis. eKelas is a programme for students in rural and urban poor areas of Malaysia under Pusat Internet 1Malaysia (PI1M) which managed by Maxis. eKelas is a technology-enabled and remote learning platform for students to connect with experienced teachers and education content without any distance barrier.

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Maxis eKelas UAT

On 21 June 2017, we conducted User Acceptance Test (UAT) for administrators of ekelasportal with Maxis to test the admin functions in eKelas portal. The purpose of this UAT is to ensure the portal can handle required tasks in real-world scenarios.

eKelas is a Corporate Service Responsibility programme run by Maxis. eKelas is a programme for students in rural and urban poor areas of Malaysia under Pusat Internet 1Malaysia (PI1M) which managed by Maxis. Maxis collaborated with MU DOT MY PLT to develop and host the Learning Management System (LMS) portal for Maxis eKelasprogramme since 2017. eKelas portal is a technology-enabled and remote learning platform for students to connect with experienced teachers and education content without any distance barrier.

During the UAT, we taught the Maxis administrators how to moderate the portal and monitor the portal for any inappropriate or offensive content.

On 31 May 2017, we have conducted a series of UAT at several Pusat Internet 1Malaysia (PI1M) under Maxis eKelas programme. The UATs were conducted by Maxis volunteer and PI1M managers. The main purpose of the UAT is to test and determine whether the portal is user-friendly before launching to the portal.

iMoot 2017 (#iMoot17)

iMoot 2017 (#iMoot17), the largest, fully online LMS conference will be organised from 18 May 2017 to 20 May 2017 (GMT+8). It is a 52 hours nonstop online conference that brings together the Moodle community around the world without any physical boundaries.

iMoot is a biannual online conference where the Moodle community, practitioners, administrators and decision-makers meet to share the best practice in online learning. Presentations and discussions will be focusing on the Moodle e-learning software including other extensions, plugins and third party software that integrates with Moodle. 

All presentation sessions will be recorded and available for participants to review and discuss via iMoot site and forums. Estimate 300 people from all over the world will be attending the online conference including educators, Moodlers, developers and managers, in education establishments, businesses and government agencies.

Our trainer, Sam Suresh is one of the speakers in the live presentation session of iMoot. He will deliver a topic named ‘Using Moodle as Certification Platform’ to discuss using Moodle as certification platform to run online exams using Safe Exam Browsers and leverage on badges to maintain certified users. Check out Sam Suresh’s presentation profile in iMoot17.

For more details about the iMoot 2017, check out the official website here or follow the twitter hastag #imoot17.

Malaysia Open Source Conference 2017

Malaysia Open Source Conference 2017 (MOSCMY 2017) will be held on 17th May until 19th May 2017 at University Kebangsaan Malaysia, Bangi, Selangor. MOSCMY is the largest “Teh Tarik Session” for open source community in Malaysia. This event gathers CEOs and leaders, vendors, consultants, associations and regulators from Malaysia and around the world to address mutual challenges and share information on Open Source Software. MOSCMY 2017 theme is “Open Source in Financial Services” to explore the Open Source software and technology at the Enterprise environment to be used worldwide.

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Interested In Customizing The Moodle Mobile App?

Sam Suresh, the CEO and Moodle Trainer at the Multimedia and Open Source Learning Centre in Malaysia, gave a presentation on how to customize the Moodle App – specifically for Branding and URL – at the iMoot 2015.

While customizing anything IT related takes a mixture of skill, passion and patience, Sam provides a good overview of entry-level practices that include:

  • An overview of the Moodle Mobile source code
  • An introduction to Github (the source code repository for open source apps) on how to log in, find the Moodle Mobile app, download and fork for your use.
  • How to brand the Moodle Mobile app
  • An overview/into to PhoneGap (a 3rd party, open source app creation tool)
  • How to compile and submit your app to the PlayStore (from Google) for release

Importantly, you won’t be changing the functionality of the Moodle Mobile app in this exercise, just the branding elements (graphics, name, etc.) and the URL.

Check out his entire presentation below:


Clearly, this process is not for Moodlers who are focused on delivering content as instructors, and providing the best learning experience for students (unless, like us, you lean towards uber-geek). Rather, this presentation is for those of us who like to dabble, or who have a real need for branding the Mobile app for your school or institution.

One very interesting part (for me) in the presentation is just looking over the Moodle Mobile development map as presented by Sam. It is always a good idea to have a sense of what is in store for the future:

Have you customized your Moodle App? Tell us your experience with this in the comments below!


Learning Management System Training (Application: Moodle 2.7)

Moodle (acronym for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) is a free software e-learning platform, also known as a Learning Management System, or Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and enable educators to create their own private website filled with dynamic courses that extend learning, any time, anywhere.

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